I like to think of myself as an artist first and consider the medium through which I express myself second. I don't believe the discipline defines the artist.
I have worked in the dance industry for over a decade now. Starting off in 2007, I explored and discovered my movement through many workshops, classes, shows & competitions. Since my early days, my dance has taken me across the world, from winning local freestyle battles in London to performing at the three thousand seat Sony Center in Toronto, Canada. I currently continue to explore, expand and redefine my movement through competition, showcases and ever changing theatrical and artistic work. I also have a strong passion for teaching and try to share my methods and experience as often as possible.
I bought my first camera in 2016, an entry level DSLR. The initial idea was to buy a camera to be able to showcase mine and my crew's dance projects. This soon became a full-blown passion which in turn became a career ambition. From there I added podcast production, hosting, events management and more to my skill-set, which culminated in the organic birth of my platform, The Capsule.
Growing up I was always told that life is ultimately about two things; learning and having fun. 
In my experience it's a pretty solid list, although the one thing I'd add to it is 'helping other people to learn and have fun'. Whether that's done by actively encouraging people to do so, actively discouraging those who wish to stop people from doing so, using your life and work to inspire others to do so... or all of the above - I'd say it's pretty essential in making the world a better place.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is that we are powerful beyond belief." 
 Marianne Williamson.

Photo by Inès P. Mauricio
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