'They Call Him Coach'

'DJ Renegade' is a pillar of the UK hip hop scene. 
As the name suggests, he is first and foremost a DJ. However, through his experience in the dance scene around the world, he has also taken up coaching some of the greatest talents that our country has to offer. His signature methods of guidance, reminiscent of a sports coach, have sent shock waves though the UK competitive dance scene in recent years.

Through Breakin' Convention's 'BCTV' professional development program, I was given the chance to embark on the creation of my first ever 'creative film'. DJ Renegade allowed me to have him as the subject of this mini-documentary. I wanted to focus on his methods rather than his story, a short insight into his world. 
All filming, editing and interviews were done by me over a very short period of time.

This project was very challenging for me and I learned a lot of valuable lessons during the process. I'm proud of the work I created and am glad I was given a chance to document a part of the culture I've been so heavily involved in. Thank you to Breakin' Convention for selecting me for the project and thank you to Kevin (DJ Renegade) for allowing me into his home and giving me his time and the chance to share a small part of his story.
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